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Is there anything more relaxing than taking a thermal bath? We will give you some tips of places where you can enjoy amazing thermal water baths as you journey in Chile

Just as many countries of the Pacific, Chile has big geographical Faults and much geothermal activity, which explains the existence of a large quantity of thermal water sources. You will discover from warm water emanations to geysers that can reach temperatures of 100°C (212°F). The infrastructure of thermal centers is varied, from rustic places to establishments known at international level.

If you want to take a relaxing bath with views to the valdivian forests or bathe in the middle of snowy mountains, I advise you to review this rout which shares tips for visiting the Termas or Spas as you travel through Chile.

1) San Pedro de Atacama: bathing in the middle of the Atacama Desert

The Puritana hotspring are found at 30 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama in the Northern Chile in a mountainous location as you travel in the direction of Geysers del Tatio. This magical place has eight pools with 32°C (89.6°F) temperate waters, changing rooms and wooden walkways. Imagine taking a thermal bath in the middle of the driest desert in the world!

2) Valparaíso

If you are traveling close to Santiago, only 98 km to the north of Santiago you will find the Popular Jahuel Hot Spring, located at an altitude of 1.180 meters. In includes thermal outdoor and indoor pools, and a Spa. It is the perfect setting to take a break!

3) Santiago

If you are visiting the Andes Mountain Range in surrounding places of Santiago, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Colina Baths, located in the Cajón del Maipo area, only at 104 km from Santiago. Its thermal waters have an average temperature of 70°C or 158°F, with natural pools in the open air, with views to the San José Volcano. You can do different activities such as walks or going Horseback riding.

4) Hot Srping in South Chile: Cauquenes and Chillán

Only 2 hours from Santiago, at a low distance of 117 km from the Capital, you will find the Cauquenes Hot Spring, a paradise to eat and rest. Very close to this baths, you will find Termas de Quinamávida (at 16 km from Linares), which offer massages and different therapeutic techniques which use mud, clay, and wine therapies. A little further south, you will find the Termas de Chillán, which are part of an important Ski Center Complex. It is an ideal destination to people who want to disconnect from busy city life. In Chillán Hot Spring you will find fresh water pools, as well as thermal waters and a spa. On the other hand, it is possible to practice other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or maybe enjoy the landscapes by trekking through them, going bike riding, or only relax with the extraordinary mountains and the Chillán Volcano, while you enjoy a delightful thermal bath.

5) In Surroundings of Araucanía

Close to the Villarrica National Park, you will find the geothermal hot spring, with more than 20 pools, three of cold water surrounded by scenery of forests and wooden walkways. It is a truly unique experience, completely recommended!

Close by you will find Malalcahuello bath, a place where there are friction, vibration and tissue movement therapies to gain relaxing and stress-reduction effects.

Also in a close location, you will find Tolhuaca Hot Spring. It is a mountain refuge, placed between two cliffs. The place shelters thermal waters which emerge to the surface reaching an amazing 90°C, equivalent to 194°F, rich in minerals and healing properties, specially recommended to treat rheumatism, muscular pain, and respiratory ailments.

It is possible to observe the fumarole from the pool, at a very close location form the thermal source; receiving its water at temperatures very close to the original. The Heat and thermal power of the fumaroles is so high that it even provides central heating and hot water to the strategically located hotel found in the area.. The thermal center has exterior, interior, pools plus a complete spa.

6) Puyehue: Close to Osorno

In the Puyehue National Park, you can find the sophisticated Puyehue hot spring. In a magical setting you can explore the forests, watch more than a hundredth birds, and walk in the skirts of Puyehue and Casablanca Volcanoes, welcoming the spectacular waterfalls, and lagoons of glacial origin.

The thermal center found here has inviting outdoor and indoor pools and a fully-equipped spa.

7) Carretera Austral

Last but definitely not least, the Carretera Austral is located in the Puyuhuapi hot spring, a very comfortable place housing exterior pools and interior sheltered pools, as well as a Natural Pool and complete spa, where you will be able to experience welcoming Relaxation Treatments. Imagine experiencing such a unique a place to losing up all the tension in your body, while enjoying the surrounding beauty of the Chilean Patagonia, and having the magical opportunity to watch the amazing Southern Landscape.