Andes Campers

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the rentals of camper trucks and motorhomes vehicles in Chile, Argentina and border countries.

We offer different vehicle models that will adapt better to the journey you choose to trip plan to enjoy with the whole family, or 4x4 truck campers for an adventure trip solo or with friends.

Our recreational vehicles and campers will allow you to enjoy the different places with full autonomy and freedom to explore the truly wonderful and hidden landscapes of Chile, Argentina, Los Andes, Patagonia and Antarctica, and enjoy the nature in its purest state.

We understand you concern about making your trip an unforgettable experience since we know the feeling of being a passionate adventurers, who journeys with a very important objective, but without losing sight of the wonderful landscapes and unique experiences that you will find traveling independently. We also offer Pick up and Drop Off service in any city in Chile, Argentina or Peru, and we can adapt the camper equipment to needs as possible with our extra options

arriendo de motorhomes y campers en chile

Why choose us?

Our committed team is formed by true adventurers and passionate travelers. Therefore, we are happy to share the knowledge and experience each person in our team of professionals can offer.

Our fleet is in perfect condition. Safety and quality are elements that we expect to be recognized by our customers.

viajar por chile en camper

Why traveling in Chile on a camper?

Knowing that Chile offers a truly unique geography extended through its long and narrow territory, the most effective transportation option is to travel by land, and of course, with a fully autonomy camper.

Chile has many highways and freeways you can follow from North to South, to the East to Argentina and North to Peru and also enjoy the possibility of using a ferry as a transportation platform as an access to continue your journey by land to Chiloe and La Carretera Austral. Travel in Chile is safe, the roads are in good condition and there are safe parking areas for your Camper, and easy to wild camping almost everywhere.

You will enjoy all along our national territory and have the opportunity to register how landscapes change as you more forward through the road, from the driest desert in the world in the North to different landscapes such as valleys and mountains, native forest surrounded by majestic volcanoes, rivers and lakes, to the furthest southern part of Chile; The Patagonia. Without a doubt this will become the best trip of your life! You can also go abroad to Argentina back and forth as much as you like with an extra optional permission and mandatory insurance, so you can enjoy the Patagonia Argentina, the famous Ruta 40, the Ruta 3 on the Atlantic Coast, El Calafate, El Chalten, Perito Morerno Glacier, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Bariloche, etc

What to do in Chile?

If you have never visited Chile, in this lands you will find new experiences, it will depending on your personal interests. The nature will inspire you with a true highlight, the National Parks are spaces where nature lives in harmony with diverse species, habitats and ecosystems. The National Parks are also very attractive spots for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

For wine lovers or people who want to complement their gastronomic experience, you can visit a vineyard and taste our different kind of strains, as the emblematic Carmenere, that just occurs in Chile.

If the most important goal of your trip is to relax in a well deserved vacation, you will enjoy watching the ocean as you meditate on the beach or in some spectacular lakes, surrounded by volcanoes and irresistible thermal waters in a truly relaxing atmosphere.

For history and cultural lovers, we recommend to visit indigenous communities, museums or handicraft present in different regions.

If you feel passionate about night sky watching and stargazing, the observatories in Northern of Chile will be a unforgettable experience.

Do you want to travel to Chile?

Just contact us so we can help you to enjoy of this great experience, we can help you with all the information that you need for your travel. So you can choose the route that suits you best to prepare for the unforgettable journey that you are looking for!


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