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Compact Camper - Andes Campers

Compact Camper

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Adventurer Camper

Discover Camper - Andes Campers

Discover Camper

Wild Camper - Andes Campers

Wild Camper

Trek Camper - Andes Campers

Trek Camper

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Partner Camper

Nomad Camper - Andes Campers

Nomad Camper

Premium Camper - Andes Campers

Premium Camper

Choose your camper according to the route you want!

Motorhomes for 2 to 5 people:

Are special for families or groups of friends who wish to visit different highlights of Chile with greater ease and autonomy. They include a kitchen, central heating, electricity, Hot-water shower, bathroom, and beds which give you the needed break you need and allow you to enjoy every day of your trip just as you did on the first day of your journey.

Perfect for visiting: Santiago and surrounding places, visit Chile from North to South, Puerto Varas, and its surroundings, Wine routes, astronomical routs, coastal routes, and rural routes.

Restrictions: gravel and mud roads.

Models availables: Premium Camper.

Campers for 2 to 4 people:

Are perfect for small families, small group of friend, and for couples, which are looking to leave routine behind and plan a trip to explore the hidden wonders in Chile.

We have models 4x4, which give you the opportunity to visit the surrounding of the Andes Mountain Range. As well as planning more adrenaline and adventurous journeys, as you travel thousands of kilometers, you can explore different roads and landscapes.

Our Campers have all the accommodations needed to make your trip a truly amazing experience following your own rules and plans.

Perfect for visiting: Santiago and Surroundings , Atacama Desert, Puerto Varas and Surrounding Places, Chilean Patagonia, Austral Road,Surroundings of the Andes Mountain, Chiloé, visit Chile from North to the Southernmost regions.

Available Models: Partner Camper 4x4, Nomad Camper 4x2, Wild Camper 4x4, Trek Camper 4x4, Compact Camper 4x4.