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Booking & Payment methods

What is the minimum of days required to rent a Camper?

Our minimum rental in Low Season (May-August) 3 days minimum rental period, Shoulder Season (April, September & October) 7 days minimum rental period, High Season (November-March) 12 days minimum rental period. We advise you to share your itinerary plans with us as we can suggest the best options for your route, the number of days needed to complete your trip and other tips to make the most incredible this experience as you journey through Chile.

What is the required license?

You will need a type B license or the equivalent at international level which can only be requested by drivers over 23 years of age.

What should I do to reserve my camper?

As a first step we strongly suggest choosing the camper model which best suits you from the models exhibited and described in our web site and all extra elements you want to add to your experience.

After we will send you the payment instructions and the information you will need to complete the booking process.

What are the booking instructions?

In order to proceed with the booking of any of our vehicles, it is necessary to make the payment of 40% of the total rental price and the 60% of remaining balance has to paid 45 days prior to the pick up date of the camper.

What are the payment options?

You can choose your credit card as your main payment option, or transfer the money to our personal bank account.

A guarantee is required?

Paying a guarantee is a mandatory requisite to book any of the vehicles chosen as our camper models. An important fact you must know is that as when you finish your trip and at the moment of returning the camper, we will return the total amount paid as a guarantee.

In case there is an incident with the vehicle, the guarantee apply?

The guarantee established will only apply if the vehicle is returned in the same state and delivery conditions it was found. If the vehicle is returned with a malfunction or loss of any of the objects found in the inner and/or outer part of the vehicle, the amount needed for fixing said malfunction or lost will be discounted from the final fee established as the starting payment fee.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

If you decide to cancel your reservation you must do so at least 30 days before the rental date arranged at the beginning. According to the norms concerning cancellation dates, we will be able to make a partial refund. For more information please review our commercial conditions

Important details you must know when you travel on the road

Pickup and Dropoff places for your camper

By default, our main headquarters are located in Santiago. If you want your camper to be delivered at a different location, we deliver our vehicles in almost all cities and airports of Chile conditioned by an additional cost.

Permitted maximum speed

In urban zones, the permitted limited speed is 60 kilometers per hour and the speed limit varies as you travel through the highway at 100 kilometers per hour at the maximum permitted speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

The number of kilometers permitted for each day

The maximum amount of kilometers permitted to travel in one day is 250 for Adventurer, Adventurer plus, Compact and X-plorer and 200kms for Discover, Discover plus, Trek, Wild, Nomad, Premium and Partner camper. If you exceed this permitted amount you will be charge CLP 150 per extra kilometer.

What if Im going to drive less than 100 km/day?

If you drive 100 km/day or less, we give you a discount of 10 Euro/day. Adventurer and Compact camper have a limit of 250 kilometers per day. Trek, Wild, Nomad, Premium and Partner camper have a limit of 200 kms per day. In the event of exceeding the daily amount, an additional fee of 15,000 CLP will be charged for every 100 extra kilometers (CLP150 per 1km)

Allowed camping places in Chile

In Chile you will have the opportunity to visit many National Parks and have the chance to access all the camping places in the area.

The changing climates of Chile

One of the important aspects of Chile is that it has a wide variety of changing climate types found in the extensive and long area of its territory. In the North you will experience a desert climate, since the Northern Region shelters the driest desert of the world. As you move to Chile's Central Zone, where the Santiago, the Capital, is located shared with the Historical Capital of Valparaiso, the climate changes into Mediterranean.

As you immerse in South Chile you will encounter a mild oceanic climate in a region of beautiful "Valdivian" forests and the area of Lakes and Volcanoes and further southern regions you will find the Patagonian steppe, where you will find the unique Torres del Paine National Park. As you reach the last characteristic type of climate of the extreme south of the country, you will discover that Antarctica stands proud in a polar climate of an icy atmosphere.

The Chilean experience enjoyed in a camper

With a truly unique geography extended in its long and narrow territory, the most effective form to travel without leaving any of its landscapes and contrasting sceneries unexplored is traveling in two of the key highways: Pan American highways (in north) and route 5 sur (route 5 south). The two protagonist linkage spaces that give you access to all national territory including two key fundamental services that will meet your needs of lodging and transportation.

If you feel intrigued by distant islands, you will find they are at reach as you ride a ferry to easily access land in all mysterious places in the middle of a watery surface.

Chilean Currency

Through the lengthily Chilean territory, the only accepted currency is the Chilean peso (CLP) as you will experience difficulty in using international and foreign currencies.

A different payment option is found in the safety and convenience of banking cards.

Almost all malls, gas stations and some different commercial stores will allow you to use this payment method.

Also, you will find ATM's distributed among different Chilean Regions, and offering a safer option mainly found at commercial area and safely protected range of banks.